Today, canal water delivery is the key issue as many field staff have been reduced and it is very complex for the people to visit the remote sites to control the gates. Today, technology can support the people sitting at one control room to activate various gates based on the data collection and required water flow to the canals. Here, a lot of decision making is performed by the engineers and, at times, takes a good amount of time to come up with the best practices to achieve the desired water delivery to make the farmer fields get the water. Auriel has the expertise in this area


SCADA is in full form isĀ Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This technology will help to acquire the data at one place and analyse the data to make the decisions based on the required water delivery. Digital decision boards are created to make the stakeholders make the necessary decisions. Auriel has the expertise to design the decision support system and customize based on the stakeholder requirements.