Health care has been critical for human survival for centuries. Due to unpredictable health challenges, availability of the Doctors to the required treatments to the populations, technology is playing a great role in matching the requirement. As the population has different expectations and needs.


Auriel Global has become the pioneer in Telemedicine in various formats based on the opportunity and the needs.


Telemedicine: We bring a greater amount of expertise by understanding the organizations and hospitals core strengths.  Super Specialist services are limited to the cities and our population is not able to get the required healthcare.


Created Point of Care for minimal needs as well created the infrastructure to connect the specialty services through Tele consultations. This integration requires a good amount of Technology and functional expertise.


Today Auriel acquired skills and supported many of the initiatives. Created the econ system with NFC, Bluetooth and IOT support system to reduce the errors and built the system to make health care accessible.


Tele Ophthalmology is one service which is the need of the hour due to 1: one lakh population having access to the Eye specialist. To bridge the gap, create solutions to address these areas.


Today technology can support scanning the Eye in less than 3-4 minutes time and supporting the patients to get the support of the super specialists’ doctors to understand their need and guide them to the right places for the treatments.


Few of the services are:


Tele Emergency Care

Tele ICU

Tele Radiology

Tele post hospitalization