Auriel Global

Auriel Global leverages its deep knowledge of Organizations, Technology, Change Management and People to literally help transform People into being more effective, efficient, innovative with high self worth.

All these will transform them to carry with level of Executive Presence.

In our interactions with the key stake holders several thousand Company Boards, Leadership Teams and Executive Teams reveals that they are passionate incontributing to the organization vision and mission

Here, Auriel Global adds value in bridging the need towards sustained superior performance. Auriel Global Teams are highly passionate with proven experience. Globally there is a crisis in achieving sustained performance in withstanding the external changes, competition, government changes, global innovations and organizational agile towards adapting to the external changes.

We support in developing line of sight from the Company Board to the front end towards deploying the highest priorities of the organizations with passion to achieve. Auriel Global has come up with innovative and proven methodologies in creating the performance

Auriel Global is the first of its kind company in the world in offering an end to end solutions to the organizations priorities on the following areas:

Evidence based Performance enhancements
Predictable Business Performance

Strategy Execution

Executive Presence

Executive Coaching

Sales Performance

New Product market deployment, Customer identification, supporting in revenue generation

Conflict Management

Succession planning

Leadership Selection & Induction


All our services carry strong ROI through our Consulting frame work. We believe what can’t be measured can’t be improved. With this belief our trained team captures all data points before any consulting intervention. Success of the intervention is a measure of the tangible improvements/enhancement made.

Very few in the country can offer combined wisdom of Consulting, Technology solutioning, Leadership, Researched Frame works, Executive Coaching and Training.

Our team is highly passionate in bringing significant changes the way people and leaders think and deliver high impact results.


The most preferred results-based consulting company.

Enabling sustained superior performance.


  • Faith in intrinsic Human Potential
  • Customer Delight in every aspect of our engagement
  • Integrity in thought, word and action
  • Transparency in our dealings
  • Client Confidentiality of the highest order