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By definition – the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Having understood, choosing the right technology to solve the problem all depends on various factors such as domain knowledge – Problem statement- ability to understand the technology- application of the technology- Return of investment -Scalability-Applicability and the understanding of different applications co-exist in the system.


Auriel has deep knowledge on Technology adoption across the business verticals. Designed applications with a high degree of understanding the performance gaps, need to adapt and the benefits envisaged post implementation.


We will be with the customers from POC ( Proof of Concepts) to implementation and to achieving the desired results.


Today technology is bringing a lot of ease in scaling the business and added to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Automated processes, decision support systems, generating critical data for the planning. Today, we are working on advanced technologies in different business verticals.


Our expertise lies in cost effective to achieve sustained superior results.