ICF Accredited Coach Training and Certification

Coaching Certification is a highly engaging training program where the participants learn the key Coaching principles and skills necessary to Coach others for high performance. In this program participants go through Live Coaching sessions and receive direct feedback on their personal and leadership effectiveness.
The process we follow includes
  • Training
  • Guiding and equipping the potential coaches with┬ácontext specific processes and frameworks. This includes our:
  • In-house, copyrighted frameworks
  • Multiple role plays based on sector-relevant, real-life situations
  • Group and Individual Course-work
  • Pre and post-certification feedback and review sessions
  • In the process participants acquire the ability to use the
    • Appropriate coaching framework
    • Ask the right questions
    • Evolve and execute the relevant solutions.
Who should attend?
Middle Management, Supervisory Level, Aspiring Coaches
Duration: 3 weeks which is customized to suit organizational needs with flexibility in timings and coverage


At the end of the program, your managers will be able to:
  • Develop Coaching principles and skills
  • Practice Coaching skills with team members for better performance.
Benefits for participants:
  • Understand what high impact Coaching is and is not.
  • Enables managers to use Coaching skills to develop teams to improve productivity.
Benefits for Organizations:
  • Greater team productivity with Managers equipped with coaching skills.
  • Create a Coaching Culture in the Organization where individuals grow through self- directed learning.
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