Current Issues 

Today irrigation is facing water use efficiency challenges. These challenges across the world including India. As these are gravity-based water delivery and added to the age-old infrastructure needs to improve the water use efficiency. Currently on an average it is at 36%. Any work to improve the water use efficiency has a greater positive impact on irrigation productivity. 

Thanks to the technology, we can evaluate water efficiency factors. Once, we know the water use and delivery across the command area, today technologies can make us understand which area, reasons for the issues, methods to evaluate and adapt the technologies to improve these.

In addition to the water use efficiency, there are other issues of tail end water delivery. Most of the command areas across the world have the challenge to deliver the water. Hence, we are not able to get the productivity of the whole command area and it is a great loss of economic value to that region as well as livelihood and daily wage laborers’ hood.

 Auriel has the expertise in studying the whole command area:

 Generate the reports

 Reasons for the issues

 Proven solutions to improve the productivity

 Type of technology adoption based on the issues

Autonomous Canal  Automation

This is the advanced version of the Canal automation. Here, once the network is designed all the gates are configured to work independently and interdependently based on the irrigation scheduling. With the Digital elevation model, all the key stakeholders can make the necessary water delivery changes wherever they are located.

Due to the technology design, the entire software is to work with higher efficiency, stop releasing the water when there are rains, and make its decision based on the Soil moisture levels.

Technology is advanced in such a way that the system can give the supply and demand gaps to make the irrigation authorities decide on the water delivery and be able to inform the farmers on available water to sow their crops.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, the system keeps updating its decision making to achieve higher water delivery and usage efficiency. Multiple instances proved the water delivery and usage efficiency.

 By adapting satellite crop identification, evaporation losses, the system will generate reports on what are best practices to utilize the water.


Canal Automation

Today, canal water delivery is the key issue as many field staff have been reduced and it is very complex for the people to visit the remote sites to control the gates. Today, technology can support the people sitting at one control room to activate various gates based on the data collection and required water flow to the canals. Here, a lot of decision making is performed by the engineers and, at times, takes a good amount of time to come up with the best practices to achieve the desired water delivery to make the farmer fields get the water. Auriel has the expertise in this area.



SCADA is in full form is Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This technology will help to acquire the data at one place and analyse the data to make the decisions based on the required water delivery. Digital decision boards are created to make the stakeholders make the necessary decisions. Auriel has the expertise to design the decision support system and customize based on the stakeholder requirements.

Water Measurement

Today water measurement is the technology source to study upstream and downstream water measurement and corresponding delivery losses. With the solar power system, measurements are easy.  Based on the canal structure, width and volumetric flow, different types of water measurement systems are available.


Auriel has in-depth knowledge and expertise. Auriel consultants have expertise to prepare the solution, implement and maintain based on the canal network issues and expected improvement


Digital Dashboard

Today people need to make the decision according to the external changes. This demands a good amount of data. With the advancement of technology, we can collect the data.

 Digital dash boards can perform the task on what we need to achieve the decisions. With Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, Digital Dash Boards can perform and keep updating the stakeholders. There are many algorithms that can be performed multiple times with the support of GUI (Graphic User Interface). This will support the people who are not familiar with the computer usage and running the complex formulas.

 The Auriel Team created multiple Dashboards and make the users to get high amount of ROI (Return on Investment). At any point of time, these Digital dash boards create the good amount of support system and compare the legacy to the current system.

Digital Elevation Model

Thanks to the technology evolution, today we can bring the entire command area water delivery network under one visual area and can view based on the issues.

 This will also provide digital asset management, study the improvements based on the nature of work performed, ability to react to the situation as all the information at one place.

Key Benefits of this approach is:

 Review of the canal structure integrity and installation of canal flow monitoring stations at feasible locations

 To ascertain the existing supply and demand for the command area and use the mathematical model to forecast the variations with the help of IoT.

Establish demand supply curve for the selected command area

Optimize the water distribution plans to maximize the overall crop yield.

Create a roadmap for setting up a Decision Support System (DSS) for periodic roster generation and canal management operations.

Developing a framework for canal water optimization to increase the canal efficiency to the end-user