Many countries built large -medium dams across the geological areas. These are built over a period zones. As like any other infrastructure, these get aged and need attention on various parameters.


As these are water storage units, upstream water brings a good amount of soil and other debris which will be on their path. All collected at the dam source creates various issues which reduce the performance of the dams, a few of them are silt, dam wall corrosion, airlines cracks, leakages and at times gates need a lot of study and attention.


Auriel has the global tie up with the global leaders to study underwater, micro displacement of the soil around the dam upstream and downstream areas. By investing at right time intervals, we can safeguard the dam functionally for years without any issues.


The Needs are as follows:


Underwater Study with real time information and Digital Dashboards

Underwater Bridges with real time information and Digital Dashboards

Satellite Study on soil displacement and erosion

Finding the new catchment water paths to improve water to the dam area