Leader As A Coach





A practical, highly experiential workshop designed to enable manages and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance. Drawing upon the timeless principles, the program challenges participants to become the kind of person form whom others genuinely want to receive coaching, to create relationships that confront real issues, and to engage in potent, performance changing conversations.

What’s In it For The Leader To Become A Coach

  • Partnering and collaboration are more gratifying than directing and controlling.
  • Shared responsibility means less that the leader has to shoulder alone.
  • Coaching evokes much more of people’s creativity and talent for their benefits and the benefit of the organisation
  • People are less dependent on the leader for direction which frees the leader up to expand external networks, study market trends, pursue new alliance and the like.
  • Conduct effective development conversations and provide feedback to bring the best out of teams
  • Breakthrough performance replaces incremental improvements, leading to new or sustained competitive advantage
  • The leader has more time to develop new areas of expertise which can add value to the organisation and further his or her new career.


Emphasis is given on Wisom-Fore Model while delivering the workshop ‘Leader as a Coach’. The Wisdom Fore Model is change management model which revolves with Wisdom as the Core. There is a mutual relationship that exists between Wisdom-Intellect-Emotions which drive behaviours and influence in the sphere of:

  • Fostering Relationships
  • Organizational Linkages
  • Role Effectiveness
  • Environmental Participation

Methodologies Used:

  • Mini lectures
  • Video presentations
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Demonstrations by the trainer
  • Practical group activities
  • Action learning
  • Video Nuggets


  • For all managers


  • 1 Day

Why coaching as a Management style works

In recent research done by ICF, analysis shows that thanks to Coaching as Management style there is..

Improved Work Performance
Improved Team Effectiveness
Improved Relationships
Improved Communication skills

Client Testimonials

“The program is one of the truly international courses. I am able to Implement the skills at my work place and results are impressive.”

“The course is highly insightful and made me lead the people and organisation with ease and with better results.”

What is coaching and how it is different from counceling, mentoring, etc.
Latest trends in Coaching at individual levels
Case studies of how coaching helps and what are the benefits
Listening and speaking – how and why for maximum impact
Models- GALLOP and Wisdom to the FORE- coaching models from Auriel Global
Coaching Role plays
Reflections and possible areas of deployment
When coaching is best, and when coaching isn’t appropriate.
The 11 Core Competencies of Coaching(ICF)
Self assessment on key coaching criteria
Models of Change – Leadership efficacy and case studies of change embraced by the most effective Leaders.
Implementing a Coaching culture in your teams whether physical and/or virtual