Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

We support our clients to get a clear picture of the market place and evolve strategies to create a competitive advantage.

Our Experts have the experience and insights to support clients in planning the Strategy and executing it. We collaborate with the Top management to clarify issues, give shape to ideas and in implementing them.

Key areas of focus

  • Business Strategy
  • Execution Strategy
  • Getting Customers and keeping them for good

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  • Environment Analysis
    • Understand Current situation
    • Defining the problem
    • Identify issues
    • Internal(Within Organization) and External(Market) Analysis
  • Co-Create Objectives and Methodology
    • Define Objectives, Project Plan
    • Define Methodologies
  • Design
    • Research
      • Competitive market Analysis
      • Opportunity Analysis
      • Interviews, Brainstorming..
    • Consultation Design
      • Business Plan
      • Timeline and Resources
  • Consultation Delivery
    • Implement the Action Plan
  • Post Consultation Follow-Up
    • Feedback
    • Review

Why Strategy Consulting?

 Strategy Consulting provides companies with support and feedback on their goals so that they can plan effective strategies for growth. Companies could leverage the expertise, experience and analysis of the Experts of Auriel Global to help identify strategies to increase Revenues with a clear competitive advantage.

 Benefits of Strategy Consulting

  • It provides a company’s management team with a framework for making effective decisions about their direction. It helps them guide in the process of decision-making.
  • Reduced Risk, Cost.
  • Improved Quality of Decision making in critical matters.
  • Improved business processes, opportunities to work on best practices and better corporate governance.
  • It helps organizations in analyzing their capabilities vis-a- vis market opportunities and focus on the range of options available given their inherent strengths.
  • Enables the organization to
  • Understand clearly who their primary customers are
  • Develop the sales team to get those customers time and again and to keep them for good