Organizational Culture Building

Organizational Culture Building

What is an Organizational culture?

 All organizations right from a small company to large corporations have a culture. What shapes culture are the values and attitudes of employees in the organization.

An unhealthy culture within an organization is where there is unclear vision, strategy, values and individuals doing their duties to meet their own needs and there is an atmosphere of fear, power struggle and unreliability.

A healthy corporate culture is where there is an environment of openness, accountability, collaboration, holistic thinking is present and the company values each employee in the organization regardless of his job duties and the employee works to meet the company objectives.

 Why nurture the culture of an Organization?

An Organizational culture that is aligned with the Vision, Mission and values of the organization is vital for the growth of the organizations and creates high performance organisations.There are many tangible and intangible benefits of having a strong healthy Organizational culture.

 What are the key culture-shaping principles leaders should be aware of and focus on?

Leading the culture change of the organization is a critical factor in effective execution of the company’s strategy. Shifting a culture requires a complete and comprehensive system change, with an awareness of and a focus on the following principles:

  • Purposeful Leadership
    • Leaders need to drive the Culture with a shared purpose and clearly defined values communicated to everyone.
    • The change needs to be backed up by resources and execution plan.
  • Buy-in from all the key Stakeholders
    • Leaders support all stakeholders throughout the change process by addressing the objections raised.
    • Stakeholders for each change are consulted and provided with an opportunity to provide their input.
  • Communication
    • Shared purpose and values are clearly communicated to all who might be impacted. Employees have a opportunity to ask questions about change, provide feedback and voice concerns to leaders.
  • Develop and align enabling structures
    • Ensure the organizational structure, systems and reporting mechanisms are aligned to achieve the future state.
  • Reinforce and Sustain Change
    • Reinforce to ensure the organization can sustain the change over time and that new behaviors become embedded. Momentum, energy and critical mass are needed to engage all employees.


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Benefits of a Strong Healthy Organization Culture

  • It attracts talent
  • Helps in Employee Retention
  • Increases productivity
  • It engages people
  • It creates energy and momentum
  • It creates synergy
  • It changes the view of work.