Day 1

Module 1 Topic 1 Course Overview [M01T01]
Topic 2 The ICF Philosophy Of Coaching [M01T02]
Topic 3 The ICF Definition Of Coaching [M01T03]
Topic 4 How Is Coaching Distinct From Other Service Professions? [M01T04]
Topic 5 Types of Coaches & Types of Coaching [M01T05]
Tea Break
Topic 6 When Coaching Is Appropriate? [M01T06]
Topic 7 When Coaching Is Not  Appropriate? [M01T07]
Module 2 Topic 8 Values and Vision as a coach [M02T08]
Topic 9 Morning Wrap-Up [M02T09]
Lunch Break
Topic 10 Taking Your Moral Temperature [M02T10]
Topic 11 Ethical Principles [M02T11]
Topic 12 Code Of Ethics – Section One [M02T12]
Module 3 Topic 13 Code Of Ethics – Sections Two, Three [M03T13]
Tea Break
Topic 14 Code Of Ethics – Section Four [M03T14]
Topic 15 The ICF Pledge Of Ethics [M03T15]
Topic 16 Breach Of Code [M03T16]
Topic 17 Kohlberg’s Six Stages And Three Levels [M03T17]
Topic 18 Identifying Stages [M03T18]
Topic 19 Ethical Decision Making Tools [M03T19]
Topic 20 Ethical Coaching Dilemmas [M03T20]
Topic 21 Summary & Home Assigment Brief [M03T21]
Topic 22 Day-One Wrap-Up [M03T22]


 DAY 2

Module 4 Topic 1 Course Overview [M04T01]
Topic 2 The Coaching Life Cycle [M04T02]
Topic 3 Coaching Expectation Setting [M04T03]
Topic 4 Initial Goal Setting [M04T04]
Topic 5 Assessment [M04T05]
Topic 6 Implementation and Action Planning [M04T06]
Tea Break
Topic 7 Evaluation [M04T07]
Topic 8 Evaluating The Results Of Coaching [M04T08]
Module 5 Topic 9 GALLOP Coaching Model [M05T09]
Topic 10 Getting Started [M05T10]
Topic 11 Analyze Context [M05T11]
Topic 12 Morning Wrap-Up [M05T12]
Lunch Break
Topic 13 Layout Goals [M05T13]
Topic 14 Leading into Actions [M05T14]
Topic 15 Obtain Results [M05T15]
Topic 16 Performance Review [M05T16]
Topic 17 Summary of Gallop Model [M05T17]
Module 6 Topic 18 GROW Model [M06T18]
Tea Break
Topic 19 Goals [M06T19]
Topic 20 Examine the Current Reality [M06T20]
Topic 21 Options [M06T21]
Topic 22 Way Forward [M06T22]
Topic 23 Role Plays on GROW Model [M06T23]
Topic 24 Summary [M06T24]
Topic 25 Home Assignment 3 [M06T25]



Module 7 Topic 1 Course Overview [M07T01]
Topic 2 Qualities of Masterful Coaches [M07T02]
Topic 3 Coaching Skills [M07T03]
Topic 4 Communicational Skills Questionnaire [M07T04]
Topic 5 Communicational Skills Quiz & Activities [M07T05]
Topic 6 Active Listening Skills [M07T06]
Tea Break
Topic 7 Types of Listening [M07T07]
Topic 8 Listen for Potential [M07T08]
Module 8 Topic 9 Qualities of a Good Listener [M08T09]
Topic 10 Behaviors that help focused listening [M08T10]
Topic 11 Behaviors that hinder focused listening [M08T11]
Topic 12 Morning Wrap-Up [M08T12]
Lunch Break
Topic 13 Questioning Skills [M08T13]
Topic 14 Asking Good Questions [M08T14]
Topic 15 Open ended Questions [M08T15]
Topic 16 Closed Questions [M08T16]
Topic 17 Poor Questions [M08T17]
Module 9 Topic 18 Probing [M09T18]
Tea Break
Topic 19 Probing Techniques [M09T19]
Topic 20 Most Effective Questions [M09T20]
Topic 21 Tips on Powerful Questioning [M09T21]
Topic 22 Role Play on Effective Probing [M09T22]
Topic 23 Summary [M09T23]
Topic 24 Home Assignment 4,5 [M09T24]

Day 4

Module 10 Topic 1 Course Overview [M01T01]
Topic 2 The Communication Process [M10T02]
Topic 3 Perspectives in Coaching Communication [M10T03]
Topic 4 Communication Barriers in Coaching [M10T04]
Topic 5 Elements of Communication Non-Verbal Communication [M10T05]
Tea Break
Topic 6 Elements of Communication – Verbal Communication [M10T06]
Topic 7 Communication Styles [M10T07]
Module 11 Topic 8 Direct Communication Style [M10T08]
Topic 9 Morning Wrap-Up [M10T09]
Lunch Break
Topic 10 Spirited Communication Style [M10T10]
Topic 11 Systematic Communication Style [M10T11]
Topic 12 Considerate Communication Style [M10T12]
Topic 13 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare [M10T13]
Topic 14 Delivering Your Message [M10T14]
Module 12 Topic 15 Subtleties of Language [M10T15]
Tea Break
Topic 16 Using Metaphors to Increase Understanding [M10T16]
Topic 17 Ways of Direct Communication [M10T17]
Topic 18 Truths about Direct Communication [M10T18]
Topic 19 Mistakes Coaches make with Direct Communication [M10T19]
Topic 20 Great Communication Qualities of a Masterful Coach [M10T20]
Topic 21 Role-Play Activity [M10T21]
Topic 22 Summary [M10T22]
Topic 23 Home Assignment-6 [M10T23]


Module 13 Topic 1 Course Overview [M13T01]
Topic 2 Setting up the First Coaching Session [M13T02]
Topic 3 Creating Rules of Engagement [M13T03]
Topic 4 Coaching Timelines [M13T04]
Topic 5 Coaching Fees [M13T05]
Topic 6 Introductory Coaching Session [M13T06]
Topic 7 Obtaining Commitment for Actions [M13T07]
Topic 8 Confronting Poor Behavior [M13T08]
Tea Break
Topic 9 Session Opening [M13T09]
Topic 10 Establishing the Right Climate [M13T10]
Module 14 Topic 11 Clear the Space [M14T11]
Topic 12 Morning Wrap-Up [M14T12]
Lunch Break
Topic 13 Establishing Trust and Rapport [M14T13]
Topic 14 Finding your Coaching Domain [M14T14]
Topic 15 Knowing your Offering [M14T15]
Module 15 Topic 16 Choosing the Right Marketing Methods 1-3 [M15T16]
Tea Break
Topic 17 Choosing the Right Marketing Methods 4-11 [M15T17]
Topic 18 Creating Coach Profile [M15T18]
Topic 19 Mode of Coaching [M15T19]
Topic 20 Summary [M15T20]
Topic 21 Home Assignment [M15T21]



Module 16 Topic 1 Course Overview [M16T01]
Topic 2 Setting  the Context [M16T02]
Topic 3 Analyzing the Context [M16T03]
Topic 4 Current Reality [M16T04]
Topic 5 Role Play [M16T05]
Tea Break
Topic 6 Client’s Assessment [M16T06]
Topic 7 Reviewing Client’s Assessment [M16T07]
Topic 8 Discuss Client’s Assessment [M16T08]
Topic 9 Assessment Tools [M16T09]
Module 17 Topic 10 WISDOM TO THE FORE MODEL [M17T10]
Topic 11 Morning Wrap-Up [M17T11]
Lunch Break
Topic 12 Lay Out Goals [M17T12]
Topic 13 Ten Golden Rules of Goal Setting [M17T13]
Topic 14 Goal Setting Process [M17T14]
Topic 15 Set Behavioral Goals [M17T15]
Topic 16 Three-months & Weekly Behavioral Goals [M17T16]
Module 18 Topic 17 SMART Goals [M18T17]
Tea Break
Topic 18 SPIRIT Goals [M18T18]
Topic 19 The Role of Brainstorming in Goal Setting [M18T19]
Topic 20 Tips to be Shared with Clients for Goal Setting and Achieving Them [M18T20]
Topic 21 Observed Coaching Session-1 [M18T21]
Topic 22 Summary [M18T22]
Topic 23 Home Assignment [M18T23]


Module 19 Topic 1 Course Overview [M19T01]
Topic 2 Action Planning [M19T02]
Topic 3 Spatial Action Planning Activity [M19T03]
Topic 4 Getting Started Today [M19T04]
Topic 5 SWOT Analysis [M19T05]
Topic 6 Forced Change [M19T06]
Topic 7 Exploring Options to Achieve Goals [M19T07]
Topic 8 Detailed Planning [M19T08]
Topic 9 Prioritizing [M19T09]
Topic 10 Critical Path Analysis [M19T10]
Topic 11 Implementation Chart [M19T11]
Topic 12 Force Field Analysis [M19T12]
Tea Break
Topic 13 Plan Execution Tools [M19T13]
Topic 14 Visualization Techniques [M19T14]
Topic 15 Case Study-1 On Goal Implementation [M19T15]
Module 20 Topic 16 Case Study-2 On Goal Implementation [M20T16]
Topic 17 Morning Wrap-Up [M20T17]
Lunch Break
Topic 18 Coaching Presence [M20T18]
Topic 19 Coaching Presence Evaluation Sheet[CPES] [M20T19]
Topic 20 Acknowledgement [M20T20]
Topic 21 Coaching Awareness [M20T21]
Module 21 Topic 22 Understanding Client’s Emotions [M20T22]
Topic 23 Coaching Awareness Tips [M20T23]
Tea Break
Topic 24 Coaching Awareness Tools [M20T24]
Topic 25 Coaching Awareness Evaluation Sheet [M20T25]
Topic 26 Observed Coaching Session-2 [M20T26]
Topic 27 Summary [M20T27]
Topic 28 Home Assignment [M20T28]


Module 22 Topic 1 Course Overview [M22T01]
Topic 2 Managing Overall Progress and Accountability [M22T02]
Topic 3 Measuring Performance [M22T03]
Topic 4 Observation [M22T04]
Topic 5 Getting Feedback from Others [M22T05]
Topic 6 Record Output [M22T06]
Topic 7 Obtaining Result – Role Play 1 [M22T07]
Tea Break
Topic 8 Obtaining Result – Role Play  2 [M22T08]
Module 23 Topic 9 Performance Review [M23T09]
Topic 10 Identify Gaps and Design Plans [M23T10]
Topic 11 Linking Coaching with Results [M23T11]
Topic 12 Giving Feedback [M23T12]
Topic 13 Evaluation of Coaching [M23T13]
Lunch Break
Topic 14 Performance Review- Role play 1 [M23T14]
Topic 15 Performance Review- Role play 2 [M23T15]
Module 24 Topic 16 Completion [M24T16]
Tea Break
Topic 17 Completion [M24T17]
Topic 18 Some  Do’s  and Don’ts in Coaching [M24T18]
Topic 19 Observed Coaching Session-3 [M24T19]
Topic 20 Summary [M24T20]
Topic 21 Home Assignment [M24T21]


Module 25 Topic 1 Course Overview [M25T01]
Topic 2 First Coaching Session Break Up [M25T02]
Tea Break
Topic 3 Subsequent Coaching SessionsBreak Up [M25T03]
Module 26 Topic 4 What to Expect During the First 3 Months [M26T04]
Lunch Break
Topic 5 Role Play [M26T05]
Module 27 Topic 6 Summary Of Gallop Model [M27T06]
Tea Break
Topic 7 Summary Of Wisdom Model [M27T07]
Topic 8 Observed Coaching Session-4 [M27T08]
Topic 9 Summary [M27T09]
Topic 10 Home Assignment [M27T10]

DAY 10

Module 28 Topic 1 Observed Coaching Session-5 [M28T01]
Topic 2 Observed Coaching Session-6 [M28T02]
Tea Break
Topic 3 Observed Coaching Session-7 [M28T03]
Module 29 Topic 4 Observed Coaching Session-8 [M29T04]
Lunch Break
Topic 5 Observed Coaching Session-9 [M29T05]
Topic 6 Observed Coaching Session-10 [M29T06]
Module 30 Topic 7 Observed Coaching Session-10 [M30T07]
Tea Break
Topic 8 Observed Coaching Session-11 [M30T08]
Topic 9 Observed Coaching Session-12 [M30T09]

DAY 11

Module 31 Topic 1 Observed Coaching Session-13 [M31T01]
Topic 2 Observed Coaching Session-14 [M31T02]
Tea Break
Topic 3 Observed Coaching Session-15 [M31T03]
Module 32 Topic 4 Practice Coaching Session-1 [M32T04]
Lunch Break
Topic 5 Practice Coaching Session-2 [M32T05]
Topic 6 Practice Coaching Session-3 [M32T06]
Module 33 Topic 7 Practice Coaching Session-4 [M33T07]
Tea Break
Topic 8 Practice Coaching Session-5 [M33T08]
Topic 9 Practice Coaching Session-6 [M33T09]

DAY 12

Module 34 Topic 1 Mentor Coaching Session-1 [M34T01]
Topic 2 Mentor Coaching Session-2 [M34T02]
Tea Break
Topic 3 Mentor Coaching Session-3 [M34T03]
Module 35 Topic 4 Mentor Coaching Session-4 [M35T04]
Topic 5 Mentor Coaching Session-5 [M35T05]
Lunch Break
Topic 5 Mentor Coaching Session-5 [M35T05]
Topic 6 Mentor Coaching Session-6 [M35T06]
Module 36 Topic 7 Mentor Coaching Session-7 [M36T07]
Tea Break
Topic 7 Mentor Coaching Session-7 [M33T07]
Topic 8 Mentor Coaching Session-8 [M33T08]