Talent Management and Leadership Development

Sustaining growth
Sustained Profitable growth is very important for the success of companies in today’s competitive world. Some of the pertinent questions to ask to gain insights are:

  • Do we have a compelling vision that spurs growth?
  • Are we focusing on the right businesses?
  • How do we ensure growth of our core businesses?
  • Should we revive the loss making businesses or ensure their growth? What fits into the overall Strategy?
  • How can we move beyond the competition?
  • What changes in processes and culture are needed to sustain growth?
  • How is the communication within the company and outside of it?
  • Do we have the capabilities and skills to meet the current strategic priorities and opportunities that which are likely to emerge in the medium to long term?
  • What are the growth opportunities available globally and are we tapping into them?

Auriel Global has deep experience in helping clients achieve and accelerate growth in their core business and beyond.

We enable clients to overcome their challenges for sustained growth. The process includes assessing the external market conditions and having a coordinated approach in dealing with them and also assessing internal operating models and using the best management practices among other things.
Strategy is concerned with how companies can create value across different businesses. A few questions that are at the heart of creating Corporate Strategy are:

  • Who is our primary Customer?
  • Are our core values putting employees and customers first?
  • How to create insights that lead to competitive advantage?
  • How do we prepare for volatile market times?
  • What processes are best to put our strategy planned, into action?

Auriel Global works  with its clients to resolve the complex challenges by facilitating highly participative planning processes. We also leverage our leadership and organization design insights to ensure that the strategies developed are practical and implementable. Our aim is always to develop powerful strategic insights while ensuring the engagement of all stakeholders

“Talent Management and Leadership Development”

In a complex environment, superior talent remains the surest path to sustained competitive advantage.  Management must think strategically about how to manage their workforce to ensure they are positioned to deliver and ready to respond to emerging trends. Some of the critical questions to be answered to achieve leadership and talent excellence are:

  • How to build sustainable processes to enhance capabilities for talent development?
  • How do we engage people at all levels that’ll help develop pride and passion for the work they carry out?
  • What strategy is put in place to produce talent pipeline aligned with company growth plan?
  • Does the organization have feedback mechanisms to create value?
  • What are the factors affecting employees to stay, grow and develop or to leave?
  • What’s going on in the environment that will help us enable to attract talent?

Auriel Global offers innovative, practical solutions towards attracting and retaining outstanding talent and to enable sustained leadership. Clients can avail Auriel Global’s capabilities in human capital, strategy and execution – together with the client we co-create to achieve superior results.
“Adaptability & Change Management”
Today’s economic environment requires urgent and significant transformation. When embarking on such modification, organizations must answer some important questions:

  • What’s going on well and how can we leverage it to grow in other areas?
  • What can be done better?
  • How do we lead change during turbulent times?
  • How do we maintain the engagement and motivation of staff during change?
  • How can we best ensure that change is sustained?
  • What risks accompany the change happening? What is the impact?
  • How do we ensure that results from change efforts are really delivered to the bottom line?

Auriel Global works with clients to customize an approach that delivers sustained, measurable results and embeds real behavioral change.