Coach On DemandTM

Coach on DemandTM

  • Your organization engages Auriel Global Consulting formally to provide Coach on DemandTM
  • Our expert panels of Coaches are now available for your managers and leaders, who are just a phone call away.
  • For every manager and leader, we offer a dedicated coach.
  • Coaches support your managers and leaders on an ongoing basis through telephone calls, in-person meetings and video conferences on-Demand.
The Need for Coach on DemandTM
Our in-house research shows that organizations lose billions of dollars due to the following factors.
  • Poor Planning & decision-making
  • Conflicts in the organization
  • Inflexible and rigid work procedures
  • Inadequate people management
  • Poor innovation
  • Poor work life balance.
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of trust
  • Lack of proper feedback mechanisms
  • Not setting clear goals and expectations
  • Failing to delegate
  • Unclear or inconsistent communication
  • Failing to learn
  • Resisting change
  • Misalignment of Organizational goals and individual goals
  • Poor time management
Also according to a recent survey by VitalSmarts, more than 75% of employees are stressed out by coworkers who do not deliver on committed timelines, dump on, abandon or fail them. 93% don’t discuss the tough issues and end up feeling stressed.To address all these issues, we offer coach-on-demandTM, to support the managerial staff on an ongoing basis.

How it works?

[responsive]How it works[/responsive]

  • An initial telephone coaching session with the client to set the framework for the coaching relationship
  • One-on-one  personal Coaching Sessions
  • COD Coaching sessions would be of durations anywhere between 15– 45 min.
  • If a Coach is not available, then availability of another Coach, acceptable to the individual being coached to take up the session
  • AGC Coaches assigned to “Coach on  Demand” service will have deep understanding of your business/domain.
  • Solution-focus – Determining the best way to achieve your Managers’ and Supervisors’ goals
  • Your Managers/ leaders have access to our Coaches on a periodic/ need basis
  • Tracking – Measuring your progress
  • Coach will get connected on a phone-call /in-person
  • Calls will be on cloud, providing quick, easy and continued access to data
  • Client can access his dashboard via our website
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Data Confidentiality maintained between Client and Coach
  • Perodic updates over mobile on issues the Manager/Supervisor is getting coached on- for instance, if the first time Manager is supported on conducting performance appraisals, articles and researched findings in an easy to read and crisp manner is sent to her mobile/e-mail
Coach on Demand Product Classification
    • Coach on Demand – CS(For C-Suite)
    • Coach on Demand – ML(For Managerial Level)
    • Coach on Demand – SL(For Supervisory Level)
Who should attend?
  • Senior Executives, Middle Management, Supervisory Level
  • High-potential employees who have (or will soon have) significant responsibility for managing and leading others
Duration : 3-5 sessions
Key Objectives:
  • Flexibility to Executives to access Coaches at their time and preference to resolve problems and/or expand on current thinking as well as behavior for enhanced results/outcome
  • Define clear focus areas, evolve strategies and deploy them
  • Drive organizational initiatives that require support from a neutral third party.
  • Enhance leadership competencies to be better at the job.
Benefits for the participants:
  • Dedicated Coach to a manager for increased Coaching engagement to resolve dilemmas.
  • Greater flexibility in choosing the Coaches for Coaching sessions
  • Easy access with the Coaches with phone-call /in person meetings
  • Previous Coaching session notes available on Cloud.
  • Tracking and measuring progress made easy with mobile and other online updates.
  • Enhanced Personal and Leadership effectiveness
Benefits for the Organizations:
  • Best way to improve a team or Business unit’s performance.
  • Use Executive Coaching at a large scale to enhance the leadership skills of the managers and other senior executives.
  • Engage Managers and Supervisors – reduced attrition
  • To create a Coaching Culture in the Organization for high performance
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